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Mags Sheridan supports self-employed women to reconnect with their bodies and find their mojo,
to live a life in full colour through dance, meditation, and neuroscience-based coaching services

How To Get Unstuck In Your Business

You may have noticed entrepreneurship is one of the most intense self-development experiences there is.
If your business is sometimes derailed by emotions you don’t know how to cope with, you can end up paralysed, and your frustration at yourself might make it worse.
Maybe you’ve tried journaling and tapping and self-hypnosis but you still find yourself stuck. If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Find out how to feel powerful again without doing a ton of work on yourself every day.


Shift your experience as a business owner in just one
session. Be more confident, more patient, more
focused, and while being loving to yourself.

About Mags

Growing up I was an avid reader, eyes down in a book everywhere I could get away with it, and I’ve never lost that love of words. I know words both describe and create reality, and what I say inside my head really matters. This is why I love the cognitive and semantic methods for changing habits, ones like CBT and REBT, and I have taught them to hundreds of people throughout my career. Working with words is still a big part of what I do because it works. These tools work well, really well, for a time, or in certain situations.

At the same time, sometimes we need to go deeper than words. Especially for people who have neurodivergence or complex trauma, working at the level of the higher brain doesn’t go deep enough.
This is where the mind-body-emotion connection comes in. Through embodied coaching I’ve created a way for you to reconnect with your body and hear its wisdom. This access to your intuition and intelligence together lets you know what to do so you can make the right decisions even when the options are hard.

You might be thinking “ugh, the last thing I want to do is feel feelings! I’ve got shit to do.” I know you can learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, and the best way to do that is through your body. You can learn how to show a little bit of anger without waiting until it crashes out. You can become resilient to life’s relentlessness and actually get done the shit you want to do!
You deserve to know your power and to use it to accomplish your goals. You deserve pleasure and passion, not just survival. You can create this kind of life for yourself. 

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In the biggest personal development journey of all: Business Ownership.
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Feel like you are spinning wheels without making progress?
Let me teach you how to lighten that decision making load.

Mags Sheridan (she/her) is a mentor, speaker, and founder of the Wise Body group for embodiment and empowerment exploration. Since 2004 Mags has worked with people to re-connect mind and body and to accomplish things they didn’t know they could do.
Her coaching incorporates neuroscience and psychological tools plus embodiment training, trauma work, dance & moving meditation, all delivered with deep compassion to help you easily advance in your business.