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My passion is helping you be friends with your body again so you can use this built-in wisdom to make aligned decisions quickly and really excel in your business. My transition from a maths degree and a decade in engineering at Apple to massage training and then chiropractic school and dance teaching – I made the shocking realisation that this body is not just an inconvenient carrier for the brain which is the only important part. In fact so much that we talk about as being “in your brain” is also in the body; your body is part of your intelligence and your intuition and your emotion. Mind-body connection is where it’s at. So let’s connect them.

You may have noticed entrepreneurship is one of the most intense self-development experiences there is. If your business is sometimes derailed by emotions you don’t know how to cope with, you can end up paralysed, and your frustration at yourself might make it worse. Maybe you’ve tried journaling and tapping and self-hypnosis but you still find yourself stuck. If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Find out how to feel powerful again without doing a ton of work on yourself every day.

Even if you can’t sit still and never focus, you can learn these skills. You can get better at choosing and sticking up for yourself. You can learn boundaries, patience, confidence, and asking for what you want, and you can make real changes that last when you use the mind-body connection. Making these changes in small ways will blossom into huge growth in your business.

Bring the mind-body connection into your business and see the difference it can make.

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