Boss Moves – Embodied Excellence Entrepreneurs

Learn embodiment skills for managing yourself and your business in this free workshop, online, monthly.

Learn to EMBODY your inner leader.

Do you need persistence, patience, resilience? How about flexibility, creativity, intuition?

Any quality can be amplified in your body with these simple science-based exercises combining self-inquiry with gestures and movements. It sounds simple and yet it can be quite profound.

Embodiment is how you make your thoughts real. It’s a perfect type of coaching when you are stuck in wanting to do something and not doing it. That’s why I designed this way for you to get a taste of it for free.
Experience what it’s like to use the wisdom of your body to discover and amplify the version of yourself who is a great boss, an engaging teacher, a persuasive speaker, a transformational coach, an articulate writer. You can learn how.

These free workshops are usually on the third Friday at midday Sydney time. Here are the dates for the first part of 2024.

March: fourth Friday the 22nd
April: third Friday the 19th
May: third Friday the 17th
June: third Friday the 21st (if I am recovered and back to work after my trip to the Northern Territory)


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Join a free workshop for business owners.

At this monthly class you’ll learn how to develop skills with embodiment, skills like persistence, resilience, and visibility that are essential for a sustainable business.

Shift your experience as a business owner in just one
session. Be more confident, more patient, more
focused, and while being loving to yourself.