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Your Embodiment Coach Mags Sheridan

Let me help you lighten the decision-making load that has you feeling like you are simply spinning wheels without making progress towards the right choices for YOU, and give you the power of knowing you have the answers to what you need inside you already.

Having a clear meaning or purpose for who you are and want to be is inspiring, and making small steps or choices to go after that purpose, to share those gifts, feels powerful.

That’s what working with me as your body-based coach is like.

In this process combining coaching, mentoring, & training, I help you draw out the answers that are inside you, show you more options from my experience and previous clients, and teach you the skills you need to continue leading yourself. This includes inquiry, observing patterns, goal-setting, accountability, and challenges. 

Find your mojo, even if you think it’s lost. Start living a life in
full colour with Mags Sheridan.

What’s different about working with me?

Body-based coaching goes deeper than thoughts, the results are faster, and the results last longer.

As a smart, driven woman, you are used to relying on your mind to help you make decisions.  But with the power of embodiment, we can get to deeper layers where there aren’t any words. Running a business is the biggest personal development journey you’ll ever go on – so you owe it to yourself to use somatic tools with someone who can do so safely.

During the course of our coaching sessions I notice not just what you say, but what changes I can observe in your face or your posture. I encourage you to become aware of how your body feels and to notice things about your body language and explore them further. Together we’ll develop ways for you to work on your goal after our session too

The cheeky goal of “being friends with your body again” that’s woven throughout my coaching and programs is possible for you, and it will help you come back to your SELF.  Knowing yourself solidly means you make decisions quickly that are aligned to your values.


What is body-based coaching?

Each session starts with a conversation; you tell me about your situation, and I ask questions. For instance, you might have a goal and have something in the way of reaching that goal. 

In the course of the conversation, I might notice and point out something about your body language. This might be as simple as “I noticed your eyes lit up talking about that project.” 

We explore: Who do you want to be? What qualities do they have? How can you portray that? 

We might experiment with changes in body language, and how they affect your mood or outlook. Changes to posture, small gestures, even the hint of a body movement can have profound effects on our brains. 

Embodied coaching with Mags Sheridan goes deep, results are
faster, and last longer.

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Join a free workshop. Each month I’ll lead you through an embodiment exercise that supports one of the skills or qualities you need in leading your business. Patience, resilience, persistence — learn how to build your CEO skills with these accessible group exercises.

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