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Dance Your Feelings

Move your body to the music in a fun dance with emotional weight. Each class tackles a different topic such as grounding, grief, speaking up, creativity.

So You Think You Can't Dance?

You can take a step. You can feel the beat. Let's break it down to the simplest pieces and before you know it you'll be grinning.


Embody Recovery

Special course for people in recovery. It's a big change giving up alcohol, drugs, disordered eating, or trauma responses. You can deeply know yourself, feel true joy, and create a full-colour life.

The Soothing Groove

Half-hour conscious dance classes like Nia Technique Moving to Heal. No spinning or jumping, adapt every movement to feel great in your own body.

BUSH BLISS: Meditate in Nature

Travel deep into the bush and meditate with the cockatoos, magpies, butcher birds, lyrebirds, and kangaroos. Bring the wilderness close to let your mind expand into relaxation.


BOSS MOVES: Embodied Excellence for Entrepreneurs

Use the immense wisdom of your physical body to take action that aligns with your business goals, easily and quickly. In this course you'll learn how to do these skills and do them quickly to start each work day with purpose and vigour. It's more than a mindset refresh and more than a morning routine.


Walking Meditation

Learn a trauma-friendly, neurodivergent-friendly way to access concentration, compassion, and calm in your body. This course will gently guide you towards learning the essential skills of mindfulness without sitting still.

Sound Bathing

A selection of new music every month for meditating, relaxing, or falling asleep. The sounds of the crystal bowls, chimes, & other instruments encourage your busy brain to take a break so you can experience the sounds. Let your mind settle and your intuitive voice come forward as you listen.

Use Your Words: language to change your life

Language has great power. Never call yourself 'stupid' again! Stop giving your power away, keeping yourself small, and denigrating your own efforts with your vocabulary. Use your words to change your life.