Wise Body

Moving meditation – brain training when you don’t want to sit still

Join Mags for group movement classes for adults in moving meditation.

Did you know you can meditate while you move? You might think you ‘can’t meditate’ because you can’t sit still, but these moving meditations will show you how to access calm and concentration with your eyes open. This guidance series includes gentle movement from small hand gestures to stretching, walking and dancing.

Moving meditation is for you if you haven’t gotten anywhere with seated meditation yet even though you keep trying. Instead of fighting with your body to keep still, let your body move and use this soothing rhythm to bring you back to centre. The sitting still part is not required. You can get the same skills you get in “regular” meditation without having to sit still in silence. Having your eyes open, letting your body move naturally, and gently moving your attention can settle a scattered brain in the moment and can also help that brain feel less scattered over time. 🤸‍♀️


Get To A Zen Place With Your Eyes Open

The Wise Body classes are particularly designed for people with neurodiversities as well as those with complex trauma patterns. Read more about the benefits here.
This class is for you because you too deserve calmness and clarity in your mind. Classes with too much stillness, silence, breath work, etc. may not be for us but that doesn’t mean we miss out on the benefits of meditation. Learn a different way with me. We can wiggle and shake our way to the same zen destination.

You don’t have to struggle against yourself to feel calm some times. Let it be easy and even fun! Don’t take my word for it, give it a go yourself and feel if it works for you. 

Practice Moving Meditation with me


People usually try meditation because they want to be calm, and they want to focus. Then they enter an environment that is stressful and distracting with all its rules and silence and stillness. Practicing meditation, that is to say learning these skills, doesn’t have to be done that way. It can be in nature or in a busy park. It can be fun and playful. It can be as easy as taking a step, literally. 

You can be more confident, more motivated, more patient, more focused, all while being more loving to yourself. Shift your experience in the moment with embodiment coaching and learn how to do it for yourself later on.