Wise Body: Embodied Exploration Group

A Wise Body is what you have -- not just a wise brain. Access to this wisdom is always available to us but it's easy to get disconnected from it in our high-speed world. Can't sit still? Okay, you can practice anyway. Come to a class where you can meditate while walking or while dancing. Learn important skills like keeping focused or calming yourself which will benefit all areas of your life.

Movement & Meditation for Pleasure & Power

In this new series in October 2023, learn how to use your body and mind together to get calmer, concentrate for a bit, and get clear on what you're thinking. Yes you can meditate while you're moving and your eyes are open.

Join me to learn the skills you need to succeed. Imagine how much easier it would be to maintain your business if you could control your brain. It turns out that you can, you can develop these skills, and it's nothing too weird or magical, though it is often surprising. It can be as simple as taking a step, literally. Come find out.

Classes are online, $15 casual or $50 for the whole five-week series. Sign up below.


Become friends with your body again!

Walking Meditation

Practice with me now

Walking is a trauma-friendly, neurodivergent-friendly, real-life-friendly type of meditation. I've found clarity, calm, and concentration are accessible even for my busy brain and fidgety body.

Move with me and find out for yourself.

Learn all about it

Practice with me in person

Walking meditation group practice Friday and Saturday mornings in Centennial Parklands.

Check out the full calendar on Meetup.

The class includes instructions at the beginning and discussion afterwards. There is silence during the practice.

Download a copy of the handout here.

Wise Body Walking Meditation Instruction Page

Here's a video showing where the meeting spot is.

Look for the sign across the road from the coffee cart.

Why Pursue Embodiment?

Discover what embodiment actually is and why it's essential.

Your choice: just watch and listen to my explanations, or play along and feel it in your own body.

full video = 6.5 minutes

Conscious Dance Classes

Wise Body Dance Breaks are coming soon.

Join me online to learn how to turn simple motions like taking a step into a fun dance move which might improve your fitness, your coordination, your balance, but will also put a smile on your face and release the not-smiling emotions too. It's a dance with a difference and you owe it to yourself to try this rewarding practice.


Below you can watch the short video of safety considerations and a sample of me dancing a Nia song.


Cognitive, emotional, and body-based exercises to get you in touch with your inner wisdom, put it into practice, and make a lasting change for a better life.

Sessions are generally fortnightly and can be done online or in person.

Events are live in central Sydney and online.


I acknowledge the Gadigal and Darkinjung people as the traditional and ongoing custodians of the lands and waters where I now reside. We meet on unceded land.

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